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Benjamin Laustiola

Benjamin Laustiola studied theatrical performances at the Finnish Theater Academy 1991-1995, after which he worked as a free artist. He has performed at Lilla Teatern in Helsinki and at Växjö Regionteater, at Totalteatret in Tromsø and at Finska Teatern in Stockholm.

Laustiola has written crime and thriller novels as well as a collection of causeries, 'Lindgren-a taxi driver', which is a compilation of his short taxi stories based on true events, published in Hufvudstadsbladet. Laustiola has personal experience of working as a taxi driver. The subject of his criminal novels include prostitution, pornography and gambling.


  • Lindgren, taxichaufför (2011)
  • Nattens väktare (2011)
  • Mörkrets änglar (2014)
  • Mannen från Amman (2017)

Laustiola has performed in the drama series 'Mikset sä soita?' and 'Hovimäki'. In the latter, he played the role of Fredrik Sundelius. In Åke Lindman's war drama, 'Framom främsta linjen', Laustiola had a role as Mangs. In 2002, Laustiola starred in the Swedish television series 'Stackars Tom' under the name Benny Laustiola.

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